May. 25th, 2009

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The Awesome
  • Getting a ShamWOW

The Good
  • Driving to my first convention ever and making it there alive!
  • Having great roomates who were mindful of each other and paid~ ([profile] doorknocker_dog, [profile] elf_1half, [ profile] __kaze__, [profile] sleepy_syusuke, [profile] rhapsody_in_rue and her boyfriend, and Miranda (our room/line Ninja))
  • Cooosplay group with David and Natasha. Pretty much being ourselves.
  • Getting a room with a view! FINALLY!
  • lololol not standing in line for the masquerade. Panelist FTW!
  • Running the panel AniMyu & Prince of Tennis. Learned a lot more like doing a panel a few hours beforehand is not a good idea. I really had no choice and was pretty dead... better next time!
  • Haaaaanging out with everyone. Seeing people, even for a brief second, was awesome. I know we were all busy and like "GAH MUST DO THIS"
  • Eating meals. Keeping them down was another story, but at least I ate them!
  • Arriving home. Guh.

    The Bad
  • DAT. CON.
  • Cosplay? Wut? Did anyone try? This refers to the ones I DIDN'T know. Really, saw no surprises. EXCEPT THAT PETSHOP OF HORRORS DUO. Other than that...
  • CosPlot... what. the. fuck. Was there any point to that?
  • Vomiting after every meal for two days. Don't know how I did not get dehydrated.
  • Elevators! The little shits that thought "lololol LETS PRESS EVERY BUTTON IN THE ELEVATOR." Next year I'm investing in a jet pack or something.
  • Taking 16 flights of stairs to get to the room.
  • DRIVING HOME FROM DAT CON. Srsly. Rain marking the end of the world? Not fun. GETTING A FLAT TIRE 30 MINUTES FROM HOME? ABOUT TO DIE. Without that random guy who helped us we'd still be in Long Island City.
  • Dealers room having like... nothing.

    The Ugly
  • MASQUERADE! Save for a few skits... what WAS that? This isn't animenext you know! (zing)
  • This is my 23rd convention......... AND I GET CONFLU. FIRST EVER. Got a bad cold. Not a happy camper. Not with AnimeNEXT in two weeks D:

    The Outcome
  • After going to AnimeBoston for 6 years I think it's my time to stop. Unless they get a freakin' amazing guest I just can't push myself to go anymore. I really sat and asked myself; "So why am I going?" I got nothing =/

    ANYWAY. I know what you want... Con pictures can be found here!

    But here are a couple of my favorites:
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