Jul. 1st, 2014

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The title really has nothing to do with what is up with me, I just thought it was HILARIOUS because of Arrested Development.

I still stop by live journal now and then but I haven't had the urge to post. I'm usually on twitter, writing fleeting stuff.

I graduated farmingdale with my bachelors, finally, and I'm looking for a new job soon. I'm still with Disney, and I love Disney so I may just look to transfer somewhere. It's easy being at the store, funny enough, just because I've been there so long. I hit my three years in August and that is a big deal. I handle visual and training now, in fact I should be asleep because I train early tomorrow but I felt compelled to write.

Since I wrote an entry, my grandmothers both died...sad it took me this long to write and even note that...

It looks like I'm moving in a couple of months. David and I are going to have our own apartment, but I just have to be interviewed by the coop board, so here's to that. I feel like it'll work out, it's a lovely place in Rego Park just a block from the R/M

Funny enough, David now works with me! we hit 10 years in September and will be going to Disney World and staying at the grand floridian. Incidentally, that was also when some cast mates planned to go and so we became one big group! It'll be a lot of fun, I love these guys.

In a few weeks I'll be heading out to San Diego for SDCC! I was lucky enough to grab tickets through a friend. I'm staying with a close friend and her family who are like bending over backwards to take care of me. I stayed with them in April before bitecon and they were just...amazing. Her mom treated me to san diego zoo, and my friend's brother, her and I were just having so much fun and her mom kept saying it was like she had another daughter. Even their cat was overly affectionate with me. SO yeah, I'm super duper excited to like see my friend again and chill with her family. I WISH I could visit them all the time.

For SDCC I'm staying with Victoria and some girls who use to work at my job who moved to LA. It'll be a fun room, as everyone is chill and honest.

I'm also going to NYCC this year! And howlercon..and bitecon... fuck guys I love teen wolf, leave me alone!

Uhm... I don't know what else is going on. I'm gonna cosplay at both SDCC and NYCC. Specifically Ms. Marvel (kamala kahn) and Anna (coronation dress).

aaanndd that's it i guess. will make that attempt to write more often.


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