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You'll never see me write a public post like this, but this is more of an open letter.

Dear Mei-Ling,

Recently I was reminded of you in an article about Chinese adoptees (yes I know you're Taiwanese but I was reminded). After our last exchange how I "didn't get it" and was "too harsh and critical" I actually didn't care to read your blog any longer. You rehashed the same issues and I couldn't believe how you accused me of the one who "didn't get it". I remembered though, you were on your way to return to Taiwan and meet your birth family face to face. I read your entries and even though we have different views on adoption, I'm glad you were to make it over there and see for yourself. I hope it makes your life a little easier to live and it may takes years to organize exactly how you feel about what took place but... good luck.

Reading all your entries didn't make me change my mind about how I feel and I doubt as many reunited stories I read it ever will. We have different circumstances of adoption, and our lives are different. I am thankful for my adoption, now I am. I wasn't when I was younger but I was a selfish preteen who didn't understand the importance of a warm bed and hot meal with a roof over my head. I have a wonderful life with wonderful friends and a wonderful future ahead of me. I hope you don't continue to think those who are happy with life as an adoptee as "delusional" or still in the "adoption fog" because that's just ignorant and close minded.

So good luck on your next chapter in your life.


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