Jun. 15th, 2009

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I've been travelin
on this road to long
Just trying to find
my way back home
The old me
is dead and gone
dead and gone

On the ride home I just turned and looked to Vicky when this song came on (being stuck in Stanen Island traffic for 1hr) and we both agreed that was our song for the con.

The Good
  • Rooming with the girls, it was a lot of fun and full of special times.
  • Eating semi-well, it kept me alive.
  • Panels went so much better, for some reason anime/mangaNEXT always had the best audience reception. To all who cam to AniMyu & ConBudget thank you!
  • Spending less than $200 at this con. Including tolls & food & hotel room and everything else. WUUUT?
  • Going to the rave for the first time in 5 years and having fun. Though I felt at one point the music felt slow. Sometimes I wish they moved away from DDR music and gone into more main stream music. They mixed Womanizer well~
  • Not drowning in the flooded bridge
  • Hanging out with old friends and new ones. Gawd, cosplayers under 18 have so much talent!
  • Seeing a Charles cosplayer who spoke Ebonics. That is EXACTLY how I imagined him to be.
  • The mixed portion of the 18+ dating game killed me. In a GOOD way.
  • Parking was okay (IT WAS FREE!)

    The Bad
  • Where was this con? LOCATION WAS THE WORST THING. So out of the way from commuting, even driving there wasn't fun. Artist Alley in a small hallway in front of panels? I couldn't look at the art comfortably without someone bumping into me.

    Everything was everywhere. If they thought I was going to walk across the way to get to another part of the con they thought wrong. I felt like the con was everywhere but no where, it was just too confusing.

    Food, driving to get food sucked. Yes there was food inside of the con and honestly it was well priced. However, not everyone eats the same thing. More of a variety would be nice and useful.
    Also, all food places shutting down at 11pm? Not cool. Noooot cool. at 12am it'd be nice when we have 4 more hours of work a head of us. Sorry, even living in Farmingdale where pretty much everything was a small business I could still order food at 2am.

  • The cross over from the double tree to the main place wasn't really useful because of the crowds.
  • Feeling let down by the dealers room. Maybe I'm just at that state of mind recently.
  • Sub-par masquerade. A few good skits, a lot of really horrible. Nothing in the middle.
  • I was so over scheduled I had no time to find people I really wanted to spend time with.

    The Ugly
  • Nothing too horrifying but the confunk was pretty strong at this one.

    Over all feeling: Better than Anime Boston, maybe because it was closer to home, but not by much. If they stay at this venue I won't return.

    Find some pictures here.
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